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In the past, I’ve always complained, that there were many Jews, economically successful, left-leaning, who were always apologetic towards left-wing and Muslim anti-Semitism, but it seems now they are about to get a taste of it. Exactly these folks now also are becoming a target to receiving a lesson about the difference between abstract anti-Semitism and real anti-Semitism.

It is sad, but these people have been most harmful to Jewish communities, by always apologizing and belittling the real problems until the problem now has grown to a scale, that not only is glaring, but also so substantial, that we almost are out of options to fight it and it will be exactly the same apologists who will do their utmost to prevent effective measures from being applied.

The whole thing goes like this: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-jewish-man-attacked-in-berlin/a-50019626 There is a video in this article at DW.
Quote: David Perl wears a skull cap…….
Yes, he does and I wear a Magen David at a necklace. Some may find this childish, but for us it’s a way of life.
Then the video informs us that David was attacked by “three Arabic looking men”….. but in the course of the video this is totally ignored. They only focus on right-wing anti-semitism.
The problem: Most Jews throughout Europe experience Arab anti-Semitism, which makes 30% of all anti-semitic offenses and attacks.

The normalisation of antisemitism is also evidenced by the wide range of perpetrators, which spans the entire social and political spectrum. The most frequently mentioned categories of perpetrators of the most serious incident of antisemitic harassment experienced byKey findings and FRA opinions the respondents include someone they did not know (31 %); someone with an extremist Muslim view (30 %); someone with a left-wing political view (21 %); a colleague from work or school/college (16 %); an acquaintance or friend (15 %); and someone with a right-wing political view (13 %).

Source: European Agency for Fundamental Rights
Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism – Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU
Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism/Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU
Page 12 bottom

This is true and just like I also met nice Arabs and left-wingers, I also met nice Nazis who were even more afraid of the situation than I.

In Berlin authorities are notoriously attributing any anti-semitic attack to right wingers if they only can’t find the true perpetrator.
https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article193060111/Statistik-in-Berlin-Polizei-ordnet-antisemitische-Taten-Rechtsextremen-zu-ohne-Belege.html (sorry for the German link – pipe it through google-translator)
If a Muslime lifts his right arm to show the Hitler-Salute and shouts “Put the Jews into the gas!” The incident will be registered as a right wing extremist crime and it will be handled this way throughout Germany.

I recently met a hard Left-Winger, a member of the Party, “Die Linke”, who was trying to get my vote for the Brandenburg state election. I confronted him with his party’s notorious anti-Semitism and discussed for a few minutes and also came across the example with the Arab showing the Hitler-Salute….. He instantly insisted that this was a right-wing-extremist crime.
It might be possible that we really end up qualifying such an incident as right-wing, but then I’d like these Arabs to be persecuted as right-wing extremists, but exactly this doesn’t happen: They aren’t persecuted at all.