The year 5778? How that?

How can we reconcile this piece of a chaw of a homo sapiens, recently found in a cave in Israel, which is between 177.000 and 194.000 years old, with the biblical accounts of creation which say that the creation is 5778 years old?

I’ve become religious even though I’m spiritually untalented. I became religious because the concept of God makes perfect sense to me. From childhood on I couldn’t believe that God was a super-creature but from there it was still a long way also see him as a concept of positive values, upon which our moral (nor necessarily yours) is based.

With this collage I’m trying to exemplify the contrast between the brutish homo sapiens and the humane human. This is where humanity starts.

From there it’s easy. The Bereshit describes the moment in which homo sapiens were enlightened insofar that they recognized that everything that surrounded them is here for a moral purpose and that we can only build a functioning society, if we accept positive values as the basis for coexistence. This is the starting point for a humane humanity.

Where mankind starts in the image of god is when humans understood that they need to go for the positive canon of values Love+Lovingkindness+Justice. The discovery of this fundamental idea of humanity marks the beginning of the world, as we know it!

And the moment, that homo sapiens consciously recognized the abstract idea of humanity and this idea becomes publicly known and is passed down to progeny, this moment of creation is some 6000 years ago.