The true aggression comes from the Arabs


Whenever an Arab stabber is shot and killed or injured during his attempt to kill an Israeli, we find strangely phrased headlines in the western press. They indicate that a Palestinian was killed by Israeli police or troops and only in a sub-clause we find the information, that this Arab was about to kill an Israeli and that he was shot because of that.

Yesterday I found a particularly perfidious headline in

Drei Palästinenser nach versuchten Messerangriffen erschossen

The headline indicated that the three Arabs were executed by Israeli troops after they attempted to commit a stabbing attack, while they effectively have been killed during their attacks. The small word “nach” makes the difference. The author should have used “bei” or “während” and a journalist should be capable to write it correctly otherwise he chose the wrong occupation.

We find practically the same biased reporting when it comes to missiles fired from Gaza towards Israel. If at all, Western Press reports the retaliation by the IAF telling the reader, that Israel once again had bombed Gaza and in a sub-clause we find the information, that this happened in response to previous missile fire from Gaza towards Israel.

This is the common play, but today the Arabs are carrying it one step further.

Since many months we are seeing Hamas and Fatah in a rat race of incitement against Israel and Jews and recently – a few weeks ago – they suddenly started spreading the rumor that Israel wanted to change the status of the Temple Mount. This marked the beginning of the 3rd Intifada. Fanaticised Arabs were outraged and Hamas and Fatah used this tension to further incite them to attack Jews, which they gladly did. So we had the first step done:

  • Arab extremists created a cause which – even that it was a plain lie – helped them justify violence against Jews

Next they [the Arabs] started two more attempts which clearly were directed to change the status of the Temple Mount. They

  1. asked the UN for to send Observers to the Temple Mount
  2. filed a proposal to the UNESCO in which they claim to make the Kotel a part of the al-Aqsa mosque

And their third direction of “attack” was their recent arson attack on Joseph’s Tomb, thus inviting Israel to retaliate.

I would like to make it very clear: The Temple  Mount isn’t holy to Islam. If it was, they would keep it holy. But in contrast, the al-Aqsa mosque is only a symbol of power over Jews. Arab rioters are using the inside of the al-Aqsa as a stone pit to get rocks to throw while in the same time the career terrorists from the Palestinian Authority are complaining about archaeologic excavation performed by Israel.