The Temple Mount a Matter of Power

Today there was another article about riots on the Temple Mount in And I posted a little talk back which of course wasn’t published – it was censored.

The Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews.

The Temple Mount is not holy at all to Muslims and with their riots they show it again and again.

The Temple Mount is a matter of power. Having the power over the holiest place of a foreign culture
forbidding the members of this other culture to pray on this site and to perform central parts of their cult there follows only one single purpose:
They aim to destroy this other culture.

I mean, this goofy story of Isra and Mir’aj which isn’t even part of the Qur’an. This story has been fabricated to claim the center point of a foreign culture.

Imagine a story, where this Arab cameleer after his death not only had traveled to Yerushalayim to the Temple Mount but then all over sudden had to pee and therefore he went to Jesus’ tomb to pee there and then he had to poo and therefore he went to what is the Vatican today.
And hence these savages would claim Jesus’ tomb and the Vatican as their holy places and of course would forbid it to Christians to pray there.

Or, imagine Christians would claim the al-Qa’bah as their “holy place” and forbid Muslims to pray there and worse, whenever Muslims only came close, they threw rocks at the Muslims.

All this is unacceptable, just like it is unacceptable that Muslims claim the Temple Mount as their holy place and desecrate it every day with their primitive and brutal behavior.