The right, the left and the ugly – about political chromatics


Often political movements and parties choose a color to identify themselves. The socialists go for red, the Italian fascists were on black and the National-Socialists chose brown. But they all have something in common and the fascists had it in pure culture: Absolute intolerance towards deviant identities.

When I was young I was enthusiastic about socialist ideas, but already then I was disillusioned and sobered about real socialism. So I kept that apart, but some thirty years ago I really gave my vote to the SPD – the Social Democratic Party of Germany – but it never was real love. Soon I discovered, that I only had to choose from a pile of evils and I had to choose the least evil to use my vote in a responsible way.

The trouble with the socialists was that they talk a lot and never keep their promises and as soon as it comes out that they can’t deliver, they start to blame their predecessors. But it can come worse. More than once I have seen the left overtaking the right on the right lane.

But what the left and the ultra-right in Europe and in other parts of this mostly harmless planet have in common is their steadfast hatred towards Jews and their general anti-semitism. This is the only point, where the Nazis are honest. They openly admit it. The left cultivates the same patterns of hatred and discrimination, but

  1. they do it for a different reason and
  2. in the moment you take them to the task, they deny everything

This really is a really interesting spectacle. I would like to make this clear using the history of Israel:

Someone who knows a little about history, knows that the cause for a Jewish state was made off the Muslim/Arab persecution if indigenous Arab Jews. There were enough historically chartered pogroms and massacres against Jews in the middle east and there is the institutionalized discrimination of minorities through the al-Dimmah, so that there actually is nothing to deny, but things went a different way. The Arabs became socialists. At least the kind of socialists who always made me want to vomit. They didn’t change any of their inhumane behaviors and laws. They just went on killing and persecuting the rest of their indigenous Jews until almost all of them were gone and then then they killed other minorities, as far as they had some. Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, Sudan butchered the indigenous Blacks and the Christians at least for the time being found their arrangements with the Muslims. They remained silent and watched the persecution of other minorities, ignoring the fact, that they would be next, once the others were gone.

But this is only a footnote.

We are just talking about the high time of the cold war. And during this time, Europe was shattered by terrorism. Many said “extreme leftist terrorism”, but this wasn’t exactly the case. Nevertheless, these terrorists were financed by the communist countries of the East-Block and many of them, not only the active terrorists, but also some first line supporters traveled to Lebanon and Syria to attend training together with PLO/Fatah and PFLP under the supervision of Soviet drill instructors and others from the Warshaw pact.

There are two interesting facts on this:

  1. The European terrorists weren’t politically sophisticated at this time. And this is why despite of all the leftist bosh they were still not clearly associated to the left. Today I know at least one terrorist – Horst Mahler – who later chose to become a distinguished Nazi
  2. Many supporters and sympathizers later made their way up in the hierarchies. There are many who today hold high level positions in the European industry and also many who made their way into the European political establishment

It is hard to boil this down to a common denominator. Both love to drivel pseudo-intellectual buzzwords and to yarn them to endless sentences. They talk the blue streak without taking breath.

This is one thing.

They also love to weave their own historic truth. They drop a few facts here and there, they overweight this and neglect something else and they magnify some things beyond recognition.


  1. They exaggerate and oversize the Palestinian exodus and
  2. they totally ignore and even deny the Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries

They both love Arabs, because they see them as their mental brethren. There are many common ties – practically all of them are fascist. There is this disastrous alliance between the Arabs and the European Nazis during the period of the Nazi-Rule in Germany and the joint efforts to annihilate Jews and there are the common ties to Soviet Moscow during the hot phase of the continuous Arab-Israeli war, starting in 1948, which also aimed towards nothing less but the annihilation of the Jews.

While for right-wing extremists this may be a priority objective, I am close to admit, that for socialists this is a negligible collateral damage as long as the allies follow the same rhetoric. I do not believe that socialists would go out to massacre Jews, but they look away while their allies are doing so and later they deny what happened. They need to deny that, because admitting it would mean to admit joint responsibility. All this has something religious. Socialism is a question of what you believe in.

I mean, Socialists consider themselves people with good intentions, so there is no way to admit such a total failure.

At the bottom line, I don’t know who is worse. The murderers or the pseudo-intellectual leftist agitators and deniers who are in full cry when it comes to twist or deny facts.

Yes, I admit it: I am right-wing.

I have no troubles admitting this.

The trouble starts, when the left wing vilifies people like me as extremists.

If you draw a line to use it as a scale and put people like Bentsi Gopstein or members of Neturei Karta (okay, the line may be a bit forked at its ends) on the one end and from there you gradually go to the left, after a while you will mark a position for people like Moshe Feiglin on the one thread and Yehuda Glick in parallel, the one more political, the other more religious and if you go on you will place Naftali Bennett and then Avigdor Liberman and Benyamin Netanyahu…… and you go on and on and at one place you will mark a position for Yitzhak Herzog and then a little further left Zehava Gal-On…… You will not need so much space further left of Zehava Gal-On.

When you see the line you need to mark the center of this line and I suggest you should place this mark this in the middle. Leftists tend to claim the center was in the left and then they admit a little space for the right and everything further right is then libeled (not labeled) as right-wing extremist.

And this is why I am so easy with calling leftists extremists, because in this matter they are completely off the wall.