Pretending good, but doing evil

You can go wherever you want and you’ll find good ideas and maybe soon even a movement and at the top of the movement, you’ll find charismatic individuals, who soon turn out to violate this good idea fundamentally, but they are never at loss for an idiotic excuse.
And you’ll always find followers who are willing to swallow these excuses, themselves find excuses and not less idiotic explanations, why the bad, just done, actually was good.

We find this in religions, where for instance some believe that it’s perfectly okay that the founder of their religion sexually abused a nine-year old girl, murdered countless people and in one case raped the widow, whose father and husband he just had murdered, the same day. Many call it a religion of peace, in whose name almost 700 million people were murdered during the last 1400 years. Other religions aren’t any better

Others call their movements political parties or unions or movements.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a leading figure among the left and
the greens in France and Germany since the 1960s

There is this political party in Germany that over decades spearheaded a motion to legalize sex between adults and children and they promoted that children could effectively consent in having sex with an adult. Protected by this party alone in Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany) some 1000 children have been abused. And this party is not alone, they just spearheaded the motion. Other leftist parties’ youth organizations promote sex with dead bodies and the abortion of children until the very last moment before their birth.

There are organizations and movements who deliberately ignore the most abhorrent human rights violations in countries like Iran, Syria, Sudan….. etc but they are quick to fabricate accusations against a tiny democratic state whose only shortcoming seems to be that it is neither Islamic nor Christian.

Source: The Yeshiva world ( )

Let this sink in: This guy is standing there with his crutch, hurling a slingshot. With these slingshots you throw stones that are as big as a fist and when these projectiles hit someone, they potentially kill.

­čö┤ Hamas is using children for terrorism. Where is the world's outrage?

Gepostet von We Defend Israel am Samstag, 26. Januar 2019

You start a riot, you throw incendiary bombs and grenades, you abuse children and women to hide behind them and then, one day somewhere in Gaza a child dies. The Gazan spin doctors hurry to turn this dead child into a victim of Israeli tear gas. And western media is quick to pick up the lie. The world is outraged about the evil Israeli defense forces and again the libel of Jews, murdering children, has been advanced and accelerated. A few weeks later, all this turns out to be fake news. It’s not the western press that uncovered the lie. It’s the victim of the lie that had to reach out to proof that all this was fabricated. But there also are little wonders. The left-wing beacon, the Guardian, also reported ┬╗Gaza ministry removes baby from list of people killed by Israeli army┬ź. But the damage was done.

There are die hard Jews who will support Labour until,
but there also were Jews who supported Hitler. There are
Jews who support folks like Sigmar Gabriel, Martin Schulz,
Andrea Nahles……… and in the same moment are dismayed
about Jews who support the New German right wing party

Finally one of the worst of these organizations, the UNHRC, the UN Human Rights Council, which is chaired by the world’s worst human rights violators issued a report libeling Israel of deliberately killing children. But there is a problem with this report: Everybody, who wants to know, knows that Hamas and Islamic Jihad use child soldiers. They train them to fight with AK-47, they train them to use the slingshot….. and then they send their 12 to 15 year old minors to the front line. And they don’t carry signs labeling them as minors. From the distance of a few hundred meters, a sharpshooter cannot see if the person trying to throw a grenade is a “child” or whatever the UNHRC considers a child. In Gaza, they are considered adults, old and strong enough to go to war.

We are dealing with a moral disaster

I don’t compare everything with the Nazi-Crimes, but the underlying moral collapse can be compared. Just like the Nazis found it perfectly okay to murder millions of people – not only Jews, Catholic priests and European greens find it perfectly okay to abuse children. And when they can’t hide any more, after abusing children for a very long time, they cough up a lame excuse and in fact, nothing changes. It’s always the same. After WWII, the Nazis just moved on and actually everything changed a bit, but in fact, nothing became really better. Then there was a generation conflict and the old Nazis were replaced by new Nazis. Of course they label themselves differently, but the underlying group dynamics are always the same. It only will be a different magnitude of failure.

We are the good ones!
Hence, everything we do is good, no matter how evil it is!

Basically, as long as they don’t murder Jews directly, they consider themselves not only as better than the Nazis but they insist that they are good people, just like the Nazis thought they were doing the right thing and that murdering others was morally justified as long as the victims were labeled as vermin beforehand.

Even though, deep inside there is something that still could tell the difference between good and evil, they have buried it under a huge pile of morally indefensible rubble, that has been dumped upon the primary innocence of a child, that once like any other innocent child could tell good from evil and right from wrong.

How can you pretend to be good even though you are evil? Of course by pretending nescience. So there dies a child in Gaza? You blame the Jews, because you don’t know that they didn’t kill it. There is a wall in the WestBank between Area C and A and B? Well, of course you won’t know that in most parts it’s not a wall but a perforated fence and of course you don’t know that this wall and the fence once have been build to stop a murderous terror campaign that claimed hundreds of lives and maimed and wounded thousands.

You create your own little world and in this world you are good.

All you need to do is to deny fundamental positive values and the existence of a universal moral.

Well, you are unhappy with a positive value like Love? Just go ahead and re-define love. Murder your neighbor and tell the world that you did it for love.

It’s sickening!