German’s desire to be loved is a pathological symptom

There are quite a few not so fairy tales about a wicked character who only wants to be loved, but can’t stop to be evil, because s/he is evil to the bone and sometimes the character doesn’t even recognize how evil s/he is because it screws everything around it and that’s its nature.
Even though the AK-47 is THE weapon of mass destruction and millions have been killed with it, still chemical and biological weapons are a different quality. The more meticulous the effort to produce a deadly weapon, the more malicious the whole thing becomes. Continue reading →

Welcome to the Middle East

Today I found the headline in TOI’s news flash that Trump is unsure if Israel is looking to make peace.
While it’s not certain that he will draw the right conclusions, at least it appears that Trump is starting to understand an important aspect of the conflicts in the middle east. Since the Romantic Era, the West is suffering from a beclouded view upon reality. Trump is one of the few players, in today’s western political circus, who is not trapped in this condition.
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The dreads of a renewed German grand-coalition government

image source: Wikimedia Commons Author: user:Kiwiev

In Germany when you give a little official in a government agency a 50 bucks to tell him, that you need a decision made within a week or an appointment on a particular day….etc, This clearly is corruption!
When you secretly meet a member of parliament, a high ranking official etc and give him a €200k and a draft law crafted by a law firm which is on your pay role, it’s called lobbying. The SPD is vastly responsible for this dismaying impression today’s German governments give. And their leaders are now trying to get back into the government. Continue reading →

Searching for a reason for war

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After the Syrian civil war is technically over, on behalf of Iran, the belligerents are searching for a reason of war with Israel. Israel has located major gas fields in its exclusive economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean, but just as her neighbors deny her the plain right to exist as a Jewish state, they also want to deny her the right to exploit these natural resources. Since Israel is a recognized state, they are looking for twists to dispute Israel’s rights. And here we are. A long lasting dispute is tested if it is a potential reason for war. Continue reading →

Adding Hebrew Fonts to my Debian installation

Every time I install a new computer, I soon come across wanting to have Hebrew fonts available for my LibreOffice. In my case I installed the latest version, LibreOffice 6.0 where it should be – in /opt/libreoffice6.0. That one was easy, but next I need to get and install the Hebrew fonts. That one is slightly more demanding, but still easy to accomplish. Here is how: Continue reading →

The German centralized high school exams are broken
  and how we could fix it.

A few years ago, in Germany a centralized highschool-exam was introduced. Germany is a federal country with 16 states. Some of them with a good school system, resulting in well educated graduates, others with a pretty bad and broken school system, resulting in pretty incompetent and poorly educated graduates. These states with broken school systems found ways to falsify the grades so that their students look so bad. Continue reading →

Facebook is policing my profile retroactively

So I have been with the wrong friends and I have been to outspoken. That’s not good, because in the opinion of a leftist, someone like I is not entitled to voicing her opinion. So they put me on their watch-list and started policing my profile. After repeatedly saying too much they blocked my profile for 30 days for no reason. Better, they found something and defined that this was a reason. And now, 11 days after they blocked my profile, they started to round up my personal timeline and here is how it goes. Continue reading →

Testing the limits

Henry Kissinger once said that foreign policy is about interests, but this is only valid in times of relative peace. In the middle east we are now seeing two forces testing whether the threat by the established powers, Israel and the U.S. is real. Russia is trying to play the puppet master, while Turkey and Iran are trying to regain long gone greatness. But at least Israel is patiently pointing to red lines and it seems as if Israel’s patience is running out. Continue reading →

It’s not a bug, it’s a defect, stupid!

Looking into contemporary definitions of a software defect you can find a load of nonsensical definitions. At least in my opinion they are. Here is my definition: »A software defect is the Absence of a required function, the incomplete implementation of a required function, the erroneous implementation thereof or the unwanted presence of a function/behavior.« Continue reading →