Of course one could call today’s Germany a Nazi-State

And Sweden and Norway and the UK and Austria and France and…….
It is my wish, that I have deeply insulted you, so that you are deeply aggrieved!

I don‘t wish for that because of plain viciousness, but I wish for that, to allow you to feel how I feel, when someone says to me, that Israel was an Apartheid-state or „Of course one could call Israel an Apartheid-State“.
And then, as the high point, it comes out that this person doesn‘t even know what Apartheid exactly is and he also doesn‘t know how life in Israel is, but he just plays back narrations which he pulls out of his leftist wallow completely unreflected.
Of course I tried to counter and said, that there wasn‘t Apartheid in Israel, because Arabs are allowed to live anywhere they like, they are allowed to visit the same schools, we attend the same universities, we sit side by side in the trains and busses, we go to the same hospitals and are treated by the same physicians.
From the Jewish side there is no limitation to the Arab population of Israel.
Vice versa, I as a Jew cannot enter an Arab town offhandedly, because there is the immediate danger for life and limb and the representatives of the so called Palestinian Authority insists on a „Judenrein“ territory for their state. They want, that not one single Jew would be allowed to live there, just like in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, ethnically cleansed their states by force, through the means of expropriation, occupational bans and deprivation of citizenship, and made their states facutally Judenrein.
And the answer I get is: „I only said, that of course one could call Israel an Apartheid-State.“
These libels, with which I am repeatedly confronted are equally defamatory as the defamations, once planted by Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher.
This is leftist Anti-Semitism!
Some only parrot, while others know exactly what they say.
The one are moronic followers, the others are leftist Nazis.
The pathway from Nation-Socialism to Socialism isn‘t so long, because the Leftists never dealth with their own Anti-Semitic problem. They always only pointed with their Finger to the right and shouted „Nazi“ whenever a new political force was about to take shape right of CDU/CSU and often enough they already shouted it for the CSU. So the Left always dodged from navel-gazing and today they themselves stand knee-deep in the nazi-wallow. Hand in hand with many Arabs they are succeeding Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, who by the way was an honorary member of the Waffen-SS.
Think about it!