Ignorance is the main reason for mainstream anti-Semitism

Letter to the Jewish community of London from a resident of Safed describing the event and appealing for assistance, 10 August 1834

It is easy to deny things which are hard to know. Can you read what’s on the picture left? So how can you know what’s on it?
Have you ever seen this document? Has anybody told you about it?
Accounts about the event, this document reports, are like this:
»Men, women and children were robbed of their clothes and then beaten. Some fled into the surrounding fields and remained there naked “like wild animals” until the danger passed……12 year-old Jacob Saphir was among a number of refugees who found sanctuary in the adjacent village of Ein al-Zeitun assisted by a sympathetic Arab sheikh. He describes how for the first three days they had nothing to eat and how they hid in fear of their lives for forty days. Afterwards they had found their homes completely ransacked and emptied, “not even small jugs, doors or windows had been left behind.”«
Can this be true? Yes, it happened and we see it happening time and again. If we look at today’s Middle East, we look back on a period of 8 years full of slaughter, torture, rape and sex-slavery….. And it only didn’t happen to the 30,000 Syrian Jews or 135,000 Iraqi Jews, because they have been slaughtered and ousted long before. So in the absence of Jews, Christians and Yazidi were the primary victims. But did the Europe lift a finger for the Yazidi people or for Syrian and Iraqi Christians? No, they granted asylum to the perpetrators instead.

So, why not denying it? We you don’t know anything about it. What do you know about World War I? Most of you know plain nothing. Yes, it was brutal, yes, it was Germany, but wait a minute, wasn’t there Austria, too? Let’s have a short look at Austria: How big was it before WWI and how big is it since its end? And wait one moment more: Who were the belligerents on the loosing side of WWI?

  • German empire
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Ottoman empire
  • Bulgaria

The Ottoman empire? Let this sink for a while, while I go back to the issues with documents you can’t read. What about this:

This is a text reporting about the pogrom of Tach Vetat which happened 1848-49 in the Ukrainian town of Tach Vetat (Khmelnytsky)

This text (History of Ruthenians or Little Russia – Chapter 4 page 80) is written in Cyrillic. So what do you care? It was only Jews, anyway. Right?

Nobody demands you to learn about all the Jewish suffering of the past few centuries, BUT I believe Jews have a right, that you at least don’t deny it and that you base your judgment of contemporary politics on these facts. So how can you make any judgment about Jewish colonists if you don’t know who the colonists are?

This leads us almost 1950 years back to the year 70. Then Israel was a colony of the Roman empire. The indigenous population was the Jews. So, what makes someone “indigenous”? Wikipedia says:

Indigenous peoples
Indigenous peoples, also known as first peoples, aboriginal peoples or native peoples, are ethnic groups who are the original inhabitants of a given region, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied or colonized the area more recently. Groups are usually described as indigenous when they maintain traditions or other aspects of an early culture that is associated with a given region.

Over the whole period of 1878 years between 70 CE and 1948 CE there always lived Jews on the territory which makes anybody who came from outside and brought his/her foreign customs and languages a colonialist, no matter how long they stayed. So, Arabs speak Arab and not Hebrew. Of course there are people who blatantly deny that Jews lived on this land 2000 years ago and they also deny that they lived there 3000 years ago. Of course there are people who insist, that today’s international law has to be applied on the situation some 3300 years ago and in the next moment they lie that the so called Palestinians were the original Canaanites.

It takes only two intact brain cells to figure out, that these people are bullshitting you!

The seal of King Hezekiah 715-686 BCE

So what about this? This is the seal of King Hezekiah who ruled between 715 BCE and 686 BCE (it cannot be exactly dated). So this biblical king truly existed. The writing on the seal is in ancient Hebrew.




The Tel Dan stele dates about 900 BCE. That’s short after the end of King David’s rule and it may have been written during the rule of King Shlomo (Solomon)

The text on the Tel Dan stele says:

The inscription says:
1. [ ]…[…] and cut […]
2. […] my father went up [against him when h]e fought at […]
3. and my father lay down, he went to his [ancestors (viz. became sick and died)]. And the king of I[s-]
4. rael entered previously in my father’s land, [and] Hadad made me king,
5. And Hadad went in front of me, [and] I departed from the seven […-]
6. s of my kingdom, and I slew [seve]nty kin[gs], who harnessed th[ousands of cha-] (chariots)
7. riots and thousands of horsemen (or: horses). [I killed Jeho]ram son [of Ahab]
8. king of Israel, and [I] killed [Ahaz]iahu son of [Jehoram kin-]
9. g of the House of David, and I set [their towns into ruins and turned ]
10. their land into [desolation ]
11. other [… and Jehuru-j
12. led over Is[rael and I laid]
13. siege upon [ ]

So this text is now some 2900 years old and it mentions the House of David. Concerning the dating of this stele, it must have been written short after king Shlomo’s rule – almost within living memory of King David. So, when it mentions the House of David at this time, it means that both, king David AND king Shlomo existed.

But that’s not all.

Seal of the prophet Isaiah 2700 BCE

Recently this photo was published. It’s a fragment of the Isaia Bulla. It takes only very little fantasy to complete the missing character to end up with “Isaiah”. The time, place, the inscription and written accounts in the Tanakh perfectly match.

So Jews had writing long before peoples like the Germans or the French started to exist.

AND: Jews had a history writing long before Romans and Greeks started to exist and it is written in the Tora. Early accounts probably were passed on through epic singers, but there is empiric proof that this means of transmission is absolutely reliable. Already in the late 7th or 6th century BCE the Tora as we know it today was written down on parchment.

Yet, the oldest writings with biblical texts that have been found are the scrolls of Qumran which date (depending on what scroll) between 408 BCE thru 318 CE over a course of roughly 700 years. and some of these writings perfectly match the Tora as we know it today word by word, character by character.

So there is writing and language and culture and holy places and and history and people related to this place: Israel, which exists since thousands of years. Here the patriarchs and the arch-mothers of the people of Israel are buried. And this makes the land the ancestral homeland of the Jews and it makes the Jews the indigenous people of this land! Even after the uprising in 70 CE and after the Bar Kokhba revolt, where the Romans started a cruel ruthless persecution, Jews stayed in their homeland. There is no other explanation for parts of the Qumran scrolls dating at 318 CE.

There was always a Jewish presence on the land of Israel  during the last 3300 years!

The stele of the Egyptian emperor was dated to 1208 BCE, which makes it the oldest written account on the existence of Israel. The translation below is a screenshot from the wikipedia-article about the stele.

Many people dispute the name of the land and insist, that its name is “Palestine”, but look here: In 1896, the archeologist Flinders Petrie found a Stele of the Egyptian emperor Mernepta who ruled between 1213 and 1203 BCE. So we know that the people calls itself the people of Israel (respectively the descents of Ya’akov who in some few passages of the Tora also is named Israel) and also its mightiest neighbor, Egypt, calls their land Israel.

Why didn’t they call it Palestine?
The answer is simple: Because there is no Palestine!

The label “Palestine” was first used by the Roman emperor Hadrian, when he reorganized the provinces at the Levant after the abolition of the Bar Kokhba revolt in 135 CE. He reshaped the boundaries of the provinces which also means that the label “Palestine” at this point never identified the ancestral homeland of the Jews,which is known as Israel. It identified something different, namely the newly formed Roman administration unit. This is something different!

In 66 CE, the Jews of Judea rose in revolt against Rome, naming their new state as “Israel”. Then followed a cruel and murderous crack down of the Romans against the Jews. Throughout the whole Mediterranean Jews were persecuted and murdered, but the Romans were unable to annihilate the Jewish people and consequently many Jews remained in their ancestral homeland and continued to practice their Jewish culture, traditions, language and religion.

Whoever came to dominate and colonize the land always faced the same situation: There were Jews. They didn’t get away. Even though dispersed throughout the world, there still were many Jews living in their ancestral homeland. Hence all conquerors remained colonialists, no matter how long they stayed.

To be continued.