Feminist Glaciology
  Freedom of Speech

This blog basically contains videos. So lean back, make yourself comfortable and watch these few quite disturbing issues that are going on around us: 
I have presented the following video already in an earlier blog.

Since this was only Part 2, don’t forget to watch Part 1 <<

But next comes an excerpt of a longer talk, Prof. Jordan Peterson had at Ryerson University, but here is the excerpt:

Basically, this excerpt is not about Feminist Glaciology. This is just the asinine starter of what follows. Jordan Peterson connects the dots and I hope, this helps to understand what is going on in our political environment and why we need to be vigilant, because “If you tolerate this, your children will be next”
There are a few more

Starting at 02:59 of the video, Jordan Peterson reads something to his students:

So I’m gonna read you something that a graduate student sent me, from the university of Toronto, the other day and I can also tell you, that I’ve received hundreds of letters like this (Note: Prof. Peterson really receives an enormous amount of e.mails and letters and he reads them all and answers most of them.):
»Today, I held a tutorial at the university of Toronto where I talked about Jordan Peterson and issues of personal identity, legally sanctioned identity categories etc. I brought up a video of a tall white man in his thirties who asked students at a university how they’d reacted if he told them he identified

– as a woman,
– as black,
– as short and
– as five years old.

Spoiler alert!

Students seeing the video resist some of the later categories a bit, but are mostly accepting.
Still, students are not engaging in discussion.
I asked them “Why?”.
One said, it was because she was worried to share her opinion for the fear of being singled out or saying something offensive.
I asked, who else was not speaking for that reason.
The whole class put their hands up.
No participation!
They weren’t uninterested.
They were afraid to speak their minds.
The PC-police are in your heads.«
(Note: PC is “Political Correctness”)

In a similar context Prof. Peterson encounters a very similar attempt to silence him, as shown in the first video:

Basically we see egotistic and egocentric crowds who have no idea about empathy.
But let’s move on the the next video:

I would like to make one less significant issue namely the issue of Transgender people, perfectly clear.

  1. The prevalence of transsexualism is somewhere between 1:10,000 and 1:5,000. So real transgender are about as rare as intersexual people and
  2. if you read Randi Ettner’s article on the etiology of transsexualism you get a very good idea that Harry Benjamin’s initial idea that transsexualism and intersexualism are closely related, which leads us to
  3. that there is a vast community who are in that gender-activism-business who do not really relate to true transsexualism or intersexualism, but rather to the destruction of gender (basically the male and female roles in our societies) in general, which leads me to
  4. that the cause of transsexual and intersexual people is abused by the political left as a vector damage the very foundation of society and they do this because
  5. one of the major concepts in leftist ideology (socialist, national-socialist, communist marxist, trotskyist…..whatever) is the destruction of the existing society and individual and to build a new society and a new man.

Unfortunately the wikipedia-article about transsexualism is already infected with these weird leftist ideas on gender-studies, but the article on intersex is more or less acceptable. So if you want to know something about transsexualism, don’t attach to non-professional, popular-science, but please go to a library and get yourself the real deal. Real transsexuals want to cross from one sex to the other, as quickly as possible and they want to do this with as little furor as possible. The LGB activism to adopt the transsexual and intersexual communities has inflicted major damage to the cause of these people. Gender has become a political vector and has nothing to do with the issues of people with their deplorable issues about their own sex and gender-role in society.
Oh, and I almost forgot this one: