Facebook is policing my profile retroactively

So I have been with the wrong friends and I have been to outspoken. That’s not good, because in the opinion of a leftist, someone like I is not entitled to voicing her opinion. So they put me on their watch-list and started policing my profile. After repeatedly saying too much they blocked my profile for 30 days for no reason. Better, they found something and defined that this was a reason. And now, 11 days after they blocked my profile, they started to round up my personal timeline and here is how it goes. 

Today I found this on my profile at facebook:

Review Recent Posts and Likes

Hi Yael, it looks like your account was sending out spam. We would like to help you secure your account. Please help us by marking more recent likes and posts were made by you.

[ Get Started ]

And then, they presented me posts, I made on MY personal timeline! So, when I post on my timeline, I’m not sending out!

The first with my comment  »ohne Worte« is a video about a question raised by a member of the parliament in the German Bundestag and the person who was answering on behalf of the German government, federal minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Dr. Katarina Barley. Ms. Barley only blabbered complete bullshit. She was absolutely unprepared and the non-sense she replied was obvious. Here is the video I shared on my timeline: https://youtu.be/9dUe1NjX2WY?t=103 The question of the assembly woman referred to the spate of rapes and murders committed against German woman committed by so called refugees. The question was very specific and precise and Ms Barley totally failed the parliament. She actually didn’t answer. the problem Facebook might have is a political, since it is about the rape problem and the question was raised by a member of the AfD, a new conservative party which the left try to label to be nazis.

Next was a link to an article on al-monitor: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/fr/originals/2013/09/oslo-accors-arafat-fatah-tunisia-plo.html
The Article describes how Yassir Arafat destroyed the potential the Oslo accords initially had. Arafat openly stated that his final goal was the destruction of Israel. Nevertheless he was awarded with the Nobel Peace Price. Both Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat failed their people and the world bitterly. Yet the leftists are still in favor of the Palestinian goals. There will be peace, once Israel and all Jews are annihilated. It will be the peace of a cemetery.

Next was an interview made by Tucker Carlson. He interviewed a “female” Reform Rabbi and this one was rich. https://youtu.be/ltX65pLsMTE Simply let this play on yourself.



This one is a reference to the shithole-remark. https://youtu.be/cLT_4R39-Zc I shared this from a another user’s post didn’t upload anything, just shared this thing on my timeline. For this blog I searched on youtube for the key words “garbage river Haiti”
While there still is the ongoing dispute whether president Trump really made the Shithole-remark or if it was all just made up by the democrat senator Dick Durbin. After two weeks the shitstorm was over, but the garbage in this little river keeps on flowing. And there would be lots more to say about the corruption the Clintons inflicted over Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. A lot has been going on around donations to the Clinton foundation and subsequent lucrative contracts in Haiti, such as the story about the Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien who donated large sums to the Clinton foundation. And there is the fishy story about the gold mining licenses issued to companies who had no experience in gold mining but made large donations to the Clinton foundation.

Next on the list of what facebook considers spam is an islamist video about how they dominate the police in France. The at least parts of the video were published by RT. Unfortunately I can’t find it on youtube, but here is the Link to the video on facebook. This is true and the leftists governments throughout Europe tie the police’s hands, so that policemen and -women have even a hard time defending themselves, because if they shoot these criminals, they will be investigated and tried themselves and this no fun. There will be a socialist witch hunt on every policeman or -woman who defends public order.

Next I shared a post of a friend who himself shared the link to an article about the downfall of the Roman empire: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/staat-und-recht/untergang-des-roemischen-reichs-das-ende-der-alten-ordnung-14024912.html?GEPC=s2 My comment says: »What followed was the dark times of the midieval.«



The facebook censors indiscriminately took the first ten posts and marked them as spam.