Every man for himself

The weirdest thing is, that on Europe’s streets, you’ll find many people who will deny the following, hands down!
Europe is in a dangerous downwards spiral and many are trapped in delusion.

Last Friday evening, I came home from my Jewish community and my neighbor saw me and asked me with a smile, whether I was coming back from church. To his misfortune, I was in the mood for discussion and I nailed him, because he knows so bloody well, that I’m Jewish and I already explained to him from a judicial angle of view (he is a failed lawyer) that Judaism has not much to do with this romanticized one dimensional European view upon religion. To his defense he argued that he:

  1. doesn’t know better
  2. isn’t interested and
  3. was very tolerant person

And in the next moment, he made the next false claim about Judaism.

I’ve become a bit allergic towards this approach, because it’s always the same and this means that the approach is systematic and intentional. Though not strategically planned, this pattern appears to be intuitively tactical by people who are

  1. slightly above a threshold of intelligence
  2. too lazy to learn and
  3. to lazy to cross-check information

Though quite intelligent and street-smart, these folks aren’t very educated. They may be good within the narrow raum of occupation, but that’s already it. They are an easy prey for demagogues and they are the explanation why the lies of the Protocols of the Elder of Zion won’t be forgotten, but instead spread from mouth to mouth, from moron to moron and since more than 90% of the population isn’t very intelligent.

That lead me to create a chart overlaying the idealistic Gaussian bell curve over intelligence distribution in an ethnically homogeneous group with the de-Solla-Price law.

Overlaying a simplified IQ distribution with the de-Solla-Price-Model yields a nasty picture. © Yael Schlichting 2018

The physicist Derek J. De Solla Price discovered this model, when looking at the productivity in the academia. He discovered, that the square  root of the number of people active in a domain do 50% of the work. And the problem with that is that this is valid for almost every domain. In the chart left, I drew the green field disproportionally large to make it visible, BUT the nasty thing is that the green field seems to be misleading, because it comes worse. I took the following examples from one of Prof. Jordan Peterson’s lessons:

You have 10 employees, three of them do 50% of the work.
You have 100 employees, 10 of them 50% of the work.
You have 10,000 employees, 100 of them do 50% of the work. ……

Take the 10,000 employees company and screw your relationship with your high performers. They have options and they will leave, leaving you with 99% of your staff, but only 50% of your productivity. But the worst part comes now: Some 100 people of the remaining 9,900 employees do 50% of the remaining work and they may leave your company second, leaving you with only 25% of your productivity.

Basically the law says that the number of people who hold competence is the square root of the number of people in an organization (any organization) respectively, the number of people who hold true competence in a domain grows linear while the number of people with incompetence grows to the square:

3 competent people -> 9 incompetent people
10 competent people -> 100 incompetent people
100 competent people -> 10,000 incompetent people
10,000 competent people -> 100,000,000 incompetent people << that’s on state level.

The next example is about music, no matter if classical music or contemporary pop music. In classical music, 5 composers are played 50% of the time and from all the work, these 5 composers produced, only 5% is played. Same applies to contemporary pop music: far less than 1% of pop music “artists” are played all the time and the others simply aren’t played at all. There is the one or the other, played with one song, once a while, some with two,….. but most artists, singers, songwriters…… aren’t played once.

Looking at the chart again, I suddenly discover that, on the first look, it will not make a difference to a country like Germany, if they take in a few million from countries with an average IQ of 82.

I didn’t explain this yet, but 83 is the threshold, below which a person is unable to do something positively productive. These people hardly learn anything, hence the U.S. armed forces do not permit people in the U.S. armed forces, if their IQ is less then 83. That’s 10%.

The U.S. armed forces are a complex organization with lots of complex tasks to accomplish and it’s sufficient to compare this organizations complexity with the whole society’s complexity and that means, in a modern, knowledge and technology driven society, 10% of the population are useless – there is no place for them. These 10% with an IQ less than 83 hardly can be embedded into the productive process unless, you take an approach as the German governments take it since some 15 years.

They started with a program to create a substantial cheap labor force to attract labor intensive industries back to Germany. Over the last 15 years, this made Germany to Europe’s industrial power house, outperforming all other European countries in its productivity/price ratio, but it also re-introduced poverty – a different poverty, because homelessness has become a problem in Germany with about 1% of its total population being homeless and meanwhile homelessness is also threatening the middle class.

Now they take one more step ignoring important parameters of the equation. The problem is that in a country like Syria, the overall population has an average IQ of 82. So they brought in some 2 million of these folks and they didn’t even ask if someone really was from Syria. When an Afghan or Eritrean claimed to be a Syrian refugee, they were admitted. So Afghanistan has an average IQ of 84 over its entire population, Algeria has 83, Morocco has 84, Lebanon has 82, but there are many coming from sub-Saharan Africa from countries like Nigeria with an average IQ of 84, Sudan with 71, Gambia with 66, Senegal with 76….. These people cannot even solve conflicts.

What are they doing? Well, at least in Berlin, many (I didn’t say most!) of the black African community earn their living, dealing drugs. The “Maoist” Berlin Senate turns a blind eye towards the immigrant crime rate, instead they vow to crack down hard on parking offenders and speed merchants and that’s not a joke. They really said this and worse things. When you look at a large economy like the German, which is running out of productive people for a few reasons,

  • low birth rate of the indigenous population
  • low readiness of the indigenous population to do any job
  • high emigration rate among the productive people.

you may end up with the idea to take in new people and if you are not the brightest, you may want to look at the current refugees available on the world market.

There are a number of reasons, why European countries are so in love with Arab and Muslim people, but this is associated with historic and ideological intersections and here again the de-Solla-Price-Law kicks in: The number of ideological activists is the square root of all people. Some 10.000 people throughout Germany are ruining a country of 82.5 million, 12 million of which are foreigners without German passport. No, the number is much worse! We may find some 10,000 really active activists throughout Germany, but we find some 100,000 very active followers.

In a country like Germany, 10.000 people are enough to turn everything to the good or bad. And again, we find historic reasons why in Europe, things are taking a bad turn, because from there, the people who can stand on their own feet, stand up and leave. They did this over centuries, because they are not only the ones who are capable to stand up and leave, they are the square root of people who are able to bring something forward and they are the people who migrated over centuries to places like the Americas.

Many of them don’t leave voluntarily. Europeans are deeply rooted in their culturally rich countries, but over the centuries their societies repeatedly created circumstances under which these people finally left involuntarily. So we see two developments:

  • a steady flow of emigrants, mainly the intelligentsia
  • a steady deterioration of living conditions, forcing out the rest.

There always will be a “dead stock” of potentially productive people who won’t leave and there is a number of reasons why they don’t pack their things and go:

  • they are old and see no opportunity to build a new life in another country
  • they have some commitment, which they can’t easily break
  • they have property, which they can’t let go

To me it almost appears to be like a natural law that Europe periodically forces out its productive people and restarts with its base, but this time it’s different. As the indigenous population isn’t fertile the governments are replacing them with refugees. Politicians from the German right wing party AfD called this in style of a Nazi expression, “Umvolkung“. During the Nazi-era this expression had a very particular meaning (see http-link) but the AfD used it in on linguistic grounds accusing the government of following a policy of pressure against its own indigenous population, while implementing a laissez faire policy towards the immigrants, turning a blind eye towards their unwillingness to

  • integrate
  • obey to the law
  • learn the language

Instead the governments of the federal republic and many of its states silently tolerate polygamy, child-marriages of little girls with much older men, forced marriages 12 to 14 year old school girls who leave on summer vacation and never return to school, female genital mutilation and worst, the Greens and larger parts of all leftist parties over decades propagated that sex between adults and children should be legal “if the child shows consent“. In Berlin, Germany’s capital, this lead to a pedophile movement in the leftist parties which govern the center of the city, Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. About 1000 children were abused by pedophile leftists who found it absolutely okay to have sex with minors. Finally there was an inquiry but the document it produced hasn’t been published since two years, while leading politicians of these parties still uphold their claim, that there was nothing to it if only the child shows consent.

This is a situation, where we see no way out, because Berlin has a population of “only” 3.5 million and only here we have some 20,000 of these left wing extremists who deny and fight every social achievement which conservatives would like to uphold.

There is a leftwards spinning spiral, feeding a downwards dynamic which, at least for now, appears unstoppable and which increasingly frustrates the conservative middle class of Europe, because we don’t only see this in Berlin, we see this in North Rhine-Westfalia, we see it in Paris, London…… Munich, Augsburg….. We see the leftists governing almost all important cities and with some deviation we see this in all the according agglomerations. In Munich a little less, because this region is comparatively rich and in London and Berlin we see it spinning totally out of control and the worst thing: we can’t see anybody trying to re-gain control.

Let me get back to the issue with IQ, because there is a nasty issue tied to low IQ and that is that.

Low IQ negatively affects a person’s ability to

  • solve a conflict
  • accept responsibility for a problem
  • search for a solution to that problem.

And this is what we see in the Middle East, where we find some 350 million people (including Turkey and Iran) trapped in archaic, uncivilized societies built on honor, hate, vendetta, honor killings, war, stoning, slavery……. to date.

To date, Germany has imported some 7 million people from Middle Eastern countries, mainly Turkey (East Anatolia) and Syria and only a negligible portion of these people is able to keep up with the pace of the indigenous population, because an average IQ of 82 means that 50% of that population has an IQ of 82 or less, provided, the population is more or less homogeneous and it also means that some 90% of the population of countries like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt….. have an IQ of less than 100

UK’s average IQ is 100 and Germany’s average IQ is 99 both with a tendency to drop.