Defriended – No, Bentsi, I can’t be with you on that


It is not long ago, when Bentsi Gopstein was jailed and accused for terrorist activities. At that point I was facebook friend with Bentsi and I didn’t let this incident affect this “friendship”, because there were only allegations – no formal charges – no proof. This has now changed.

Today Bentsi gave me the ultimate reason to defriend.

Almost my whole life I am working myself out with things like moral and justice. And now this: Bentsi isn’t working on these topics but he is rather taking literals from the Torah and abuses them. He puts himself on eye hight with those who execute the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sharia in the first place and everybody who is different in the same go.

But this is not what Judaism is all about. We are the people who built a social order (our Tora) on universal moral values and burning churches cannot be justified with love, charity and justice.

So Bentsi, from here we go separate ways. I cannot support this.

Then I looked at my facebook profile and checked my friendships. I know I had one with Bentsi and upheld it before, but now it was gone anyway. It’s okay. Double checked it – still not there – fine!