Separating the Challah, I need a little hobo oven

Tevet 10, 5775

When baking the bread, I need to follow the Mitzwa of separating the Challah. I separate a little peace of the dough and give it to Hashem. Not so easy when you don’t have open fire in your household. I am using a little hobo oven to get over this.

A hobo oven is a little primitive construction to contain open fire. You may use it for camping, but I am also using it to burn the Challah. There are numerous ways to build such a little oven. You may google the term, here is my instruction. I am starting with two metal cans of the same diameter.

It is important, that you use cans, that are stackable. Technically this is, that the upper rim of a can needs to be a bit wider and the lower rim needs to be al bit smaller, so that the bottom of the upper can fits into the upper rim of the lower can.


The bigger can will be the upper part of the oven – the burning chamber – and the small one will be the bottom that keeps the heat from the ground and also supports the flow of air into the burning chamber.

The crucial thing will be to support the flow of air. So we’ll need to put a few holes into the cans. I will drill the holes, but before I start drilling I will center ever hole, so that the drill bit can’t slip. To insert the center-holes, I use a small hardened steel nail.


The drilling bit, then stays on the place I intended for the individual hole.


And that’s it pretty much. After all the holes are drilled you can put the two parts upon each other and set the oven on fire:


One may argue, that separating the Challah was not so important, but my heart always told me, that this is not true.
It is important.
Before I started writing this text I visited the home-page of Chabad and searched for Challah. There I found a teaching from Rabbi Leibel Schapiro where he explains in detail, why exactly the separation of Challah is so important for Jews.