By international standards, the government of Germany is antisemitic and here is why

While I was thinking this way for a very long time, I now found a hard argument.
Today in forum, a German seriously asked »What is Antisemitism?« It soon turned out that he asked for a not so nice intention. Well, if you want to argue with me, you should appear well armed, because I keep no restraint even if you are mentally deficient. So I treated him nicely until I was sure and then I polished him off. But this brief discussion made me re-visit the definition of Antisemitism.

It took very long until finally an internationally recognized body produced a Definition of Antisemitism.

Okay, now we have a definition. What’s the problem.

Well, actually there is no problem. There are just facts and conclusions.

So, this body, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, produced this definition
soon states began do recognize this definition. This process of recognition establishes international law. In this case it establishes a definition to become effective. While states like the USA, United Kingdom, Austria…… and of course Israel quickly recognized and adopted the declaration, it took Germany a whole year to recognize this definition even though Germany was/is a member of the Alliance and German representatives took part in creating this definition, but now Germany has adopted this declaration and this may be looked up at the Web-Site of the German Foreign Ministry.

Through this process, this definition becomes International Customary Law, which is just as valid as other items of intl. law, i.e. the definition of a state in Article 1 of the Montevideo convention.

According to this definition, one cannot say that Germany is breaking international law,
one can say that the German Government and the German Foreign-Ministry in particular are Antisemitic, as they meet the definition they recognized.

How does Germany meet the definitions?

For instance by working with other nations to produce draft resolutions that apply double standards for Israel and the rest of the world and in the next step votes with the resolution and against Israel to pass that resolution. This process is according to the definition of Antisemitism Antisemitic and the German government chooses to walk down that road.

I understand that for Jewish leaders in Germany the situation is precarious. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you and the German government on the other hand provides physical protection for Jewish facilities (while it notoriously fails to remove the threat) and German Authorities provide quite some funds to build and run Jewish facilities.
So a Rabbi cannot stand up and call out the German foreign minister as an Antisemite. That wouldn’t work out well.