Another nonsensical report about death penalty

Amnesty Intl, just published the 2017 numbers of executions per country and they know exactly that their numbers are problematic and largely false. While they are not ashamed to estimate there were thousands of executions in China, they forget to mention, that apart of only 5 official executions in Afghanistan, there probably are hundreds extrajudicial executions throughout the country. The less developed the judicial system of a country is, the more unreliable the AI statistics become.

There are state sanctioned persecutions of minorities. Just remember the genocide against the Hindu-Population in Bangladesh which cost nearly 3.000.000 lives. Look at the extrajudicial executions throughout Iran, where every year hundreds if not thousands are murdered in jail, which should be added to the number of executions. So if we roughly estimate the number of executions in China with, say, 3.000, we also must roughly estimate the number of murders in Iranian Jails. We must roughly estimate the number of murders sanctions by the Palestinian Authority because an Arab sold Land to a Jew. This leads to quite a few extrajudicial but authority sanctioned executions in the West-Bank (Area A) every year. Look at the hundreds of state sanctioned murders against the Coptic Christians in Egypt, every year. Look what is going on in Turkey…….

And then don’t just add the numbers and make a ranking by number of execution but compute the number of executions per capita and this will turn your table upside down.

China would drop from 1 to 5 and the USA would drop from 8 to 19 Japan would fall from 16 to 21

Already the current figures given by Amnesty are problematic. I mean, they are doing research, but the numbers they produce could be worked out by a high school student. There is no science and no magic. It would be really enlightening, if we could see statistics about extrajudicial persecutions and executions, about murder and death after torture in jail…… If that was included, Iran would end up with thousands of executions, while countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Turkey, North Sudan, Egypt….. would rise up dramatically. Saudi Arabia would drop dramatically. The Palestinian Authority including Gaza would rise dramatically, because they have many dozens if not hundreds of authority sanctioned murders per year. These murders are executed against gay men, Christians and Arabs who sell land to Jews. Egypt would rise, because of the state sanctioned persecution of Coptic Christians and we would have to establish a separate category for failed states like Syria, Somalia, Libya….etc.

And sadly Amnesty International doesn’t care about genocide but they have a left wing political agenda instead and this left wing is weird. For instance they don’t care so much about the executions in Iran and of course not about the torture and the rapes in their jails. If at all, that’s numbers, but they are obsessed by Saudi Arabia, where the situation is really improving over the last decade, while the situation in Iran and many other states is continuously deteriorating. But the Left wing likes Iran more than Saudi Arabia, because Iran hates the USA and Israel (by the way there are no executions in Israel.