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Tevet 7, 5775

I am born in Munich in 1965 and lived most of my live here in Bavaria. When I came to school in 1972. At this time standard German the first foreign language I had to learn. The next stage in a series of troubles was inevitable – I just had entered this stage. Next I had to learn writing with the right hand which of course resulted in a remarkably ugly handwriting. And as if it wasn’t bad enough, eventually I had to visit Roman-Catholic religious education.

It came worse, but I survived and instead of becoming the person “they” wanted me to be, I always was the person I am.

In 1972 I was six years old. It’s not exactly desirable, that your political conscience gets kick-startet at this age.

During this time a “wonder” happened to me. During Roman-Catholic religious education I fell in love with the Tora. This experience guided me throughout my life. It gave me a strong grounding.

“We” (you and I) may not necessarily agree on moral, but the experience of the Tora brought safety into my life.

I have made my way. I have not exactly been successful, I have not become rich, but I am not stupid and I can live with the self-perception, that I am not evil. When I look into the mirror, I see someone, who has a heart. I am happy with my face and the rest of me and even though my life made a few unpleasant turns, I have managed to become a happy woman (despite depression, an anxiety disorder and a sleeping disorder I shall overcome).

I have two lovely children, who have practically nothing to do with this blog, I am poor, but I survive and my life is not exactly bad, I am retired since four years and I still have hope that I will get a pension.

And from this point I am trying to go ahead. I am thinking a lot. Often enough I have been writing down things and then stopped writing for no reason. I spent a lot of time writing in the comments section of OnLine newspapers and now I am changing this a bit. There is more to say and I would like to add a little more quality to what I say.