about ads

At the very beginning of this blog you don’t see ads.
Thanks to the first commentator I learned it very fast, that I also have to keep an eye on the comments in this blog: If anyone places advertisements in this blog, it will be exclusively me!

I am thinking about ads, but I am not hurrying. Of course ads would generate revenue, but I have a moral commitment. Yes, making money is not bad per se, but I want to give you an incentive to help me with that:

I want to share the revenue with selected institutions.On top of my list are

I am still in the learning curve.

  • Ads
    shall not be random and not disturbing. Furthermore I want to stay in the driver seat and keep control of what ads are placed on this site
  • Sharing the revenue
    shall be proportionate. I will not donate the complete revenue. I will keep my share
    I will reveal the revenue and what I shared in a monthly report. The report will be pretty short. It actually will only contain the total revenue and how much I donated to what organization.
    I am not able to say right now how much I can give away, because I first need to pay taxes. As I am living in Germany, this is pretty brutal and I will not do it myself. From the rest, I will keep a portion and give away a portion.
  • Control
    A few of you may already have seen a little advertisement. I installed a plugin and this little thing took away control and just started to place ads. As soon as I noticed it, I de-activated it.
    I need a plugin and a method to place ads, that will allow me to select what ads I am placing. There are ads, that don’t bring money. They just mutilating the appearance of this blog and make you feel ugly, as they refer to weight loss, cosmetics, etc. I will find ads, that will generate significant revenue and won’t bother.
  • Involvement
    Once the ads are placed, I will deliberately make you aware of ads. I will ask you to click on it to help me generate the revenue.

It’s not that I’d want to become rich. The troubles are, that I need to tax it and that I am really poor. As long as I don’t get my pension, I need social welfare and this will be cut down once I am generating revenue. This is not much, so I won’t need to compensate a lot of loss and as soon as I am over this compensation, I will share the rest with the above named organizations.