There Is A Better Way – or, don’t annex the WestBank

First of all, we don’t talk about the WestBank. We talk about Shomron and Yehuda.
And like so often, things must be viewed from different angles

International law knows different, contradictory principles:

  • territorial integrity
  • the right of self determination

Since there is no state of Palestine, there is no territorial integrity to preserve.

But we have the Oslo Accords and these accords put the bigger parts of Shomron and Yehuda under Israel’s administration.

The vast majority of the population in Area B and C is Jewish and this population is according to what has been agreed in the Oslo accords rightfully there.
The clear minority is Arab and a big part of these Arabs never came legally to Area B and C. They live there, but they actually belong to Area A.

The question is: Does the population of Area B and C have the right to self determination? Are they entitled to this fundamental right?

Yes, of course they are!

So, don’t annex Area B and C,
do it like Russia did it on the Crimea peninsula: Hold a referendum to ask the people in that territory whether they’d want to join the state of Israel!
The result will be clear.

  1. There will be an international outcry
  2. the vast majority of the referendum will be willing to join the State of Israel.

Just like the former GDR joined the BRD and like the Crimea peninsula joined the Russian federation.

That’s legal!