Süddeutsche Zeitung – notoriously infamous?

 Sh’vat 21st, 5775

For another article, I find it necessary to bring a few things together, as far as Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is concerned. For decades the SZ was well known for being liberal left wing. The newspaper still profits from this reputation. Many people in Germany read SZ as their only source for news. Still SZ is advertising with the “outstanding quality” of its journalism.But then there is a tendency in its news coverage. While hundreds of missiles and mortar shells are raining on Israel’s south, you read nothing about it in SZ, but as soon as an Arab is killed in Gaza, Yerushalayim, the Yesha or elsewhere in Israel, there is full coverage.

Still SZ isn’t lying, but they don’t report the truth as they deliberately don’t cover all the incidences that affect Israeli Jews. Thus the readers of SZ get the impression, that Israeli forces of execution (police and IDF) strike down on Muslim Arabs without reason and the whole thing was about Jewish racism against Arabs.

If Western media in general and SZ in particular would provide the same coverage on Arab atrocities against Jews as they do for all incidences, that happen to Arabs, Western newspapers would have significantly fewer space for local news.

But this is “only” the abstract tendency.

From time to time SZ supplies us with very special treasures of anti-semitism:

After anti-semitism soared in France in 2004, SZ provided us with this cartoon:

Süddeutsche Zeitung – July 23rd 2004
Sharon is asking: Why can’t I feel any sympathy?

SZ justifies violence and hate against Jews in Europe with the rejection of Israel’s policies towards the stateless Arabs (Palestinians).
Also in 2004, SZ published another cartoon showing a hook-nosed Ariel Sharon barking at UN observers and trying to divert their attention from piles of dead bodies which remind us to the pictures from Auschwitz.

Süddeutsche Zeitung – 2004
Ariel Sharon tries to divert the UNs attention from piles of
dead bodies.

Later SZ assured, that they didn’t intend the anti-semitic tendency.

Eine antisemitische Tendenz war nicht beabsichtigt. Wir bedauern es sehr, wenn dieser Eindruck entstanden ist. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Dr. Gernot Sittner, Chefredaktion, Süddeutsche Zeitung

For a long time, SZ spared us with strange cartoons like this and focused on the typical tendency in their coverage, but this changed in 2013, when SZ abused a Cartoon from Ernst Kahl (see also: Update: Süddeutsche illustriert auf Stürmer-Niveau – Zeichner Ernst Kahl ist entsetzt)

Süddeutsche Zeitung 2013 – Caption translated:
Germany serves: Since decades, Israel gets weapons
supply, partly free of charge. Israel’s enemies consider
the country voracious Moloch. Peter Beinart laments,
that it has come so far.

Here we discover a new technique to create some legitimacy for these kind of reporting. SZ is using known Jewish leftist authors to substantiate their claims. In this case Peter Beinart. In a more recent case David Grossman.

There is nothing wrong for authors like Peter Beinart or David Grossman to speak out. Among Jews arguments are culturally deeply rooted, but from an intellectual (or wannabe intellectual) we could expect a 2nd thought about the possibility if they could get exploited and used against their own country respectively their own people.

Soon after, SZ came up with another cartoon. This time they focused on Facebook and of course it’s plain accident, that Mark Zuckerbert is Jewish and the octopus used in the cartoon is hook-nosed:

Burkhard Mohrs Zeichnung
Süddeutsche Zeitung 2014
For those who aren’t aware of this stereotype: google ” jewish octopus” and have a look at the images, google finds.

I mean, journalists all the time are so smart, but when it comes to anti-semitism, they are totally naive. Sorry, I can’t buy this greenness. I find, they need  to take full responsibility for their anti-semitism. No way out!

Recently found another article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

January 30th 2015

Israel is no place of freedom
To many of us, peace appears a infantile naive idea. But we must not give in. Only who hopes lets go anchor to the future
Author: David Grossman

And then the Süddeutsche Zeitung presents us a heavily shortened article, which is fairly sophisticated, but the damage is already done: “Israel is no place of freedom” This is what SZ-readers already know and they received another confirmation for this.

This is how journalism works. I mean, we could live without headlines and abstracts, if the majority of the readers would read the articles as a whole. The fact is, that most readers are done with the headline. Professional Journalists know this very well and David Grossman should know it, too.

The problem with people like Grossman and Beinart is, that they seem to love themselves standing in the spotlight and do no longer reflect the ramifications of their statements for their people and newspapers like Süddeutsche Zeitung know how to exploit this narcissism.

And from there, we take a look at the NYT and see exactly the same and – oh, what wonder – NYT and SZ are cooperating.