The handling of numbers and the continuous advancements in software engineering


When I started programming in 1986, storage wasn’t a problem for me. I had a computer with a huge amount of memory – 1MB and two 720KB floopy-disk drives. The real problem was the programming languages. The Basic interpreter that shipped with my Atari ST was buggy and the Megamax C-compiler would cost a little over 1.000 D-Mark. So I bought an Assembler for a tenth of that price.Continue reading →

Before you upgrade to Windows 10 – do a bare metal backup


Whenever we do substantial changes to our systems, we should do a backup before we start. After the system is messed up completely, we can restore it. But what if we only do a normal backup? Then we would have to re-install the system before we restore our data. A bare metal backup restores the bits and bytes on the hard disk starting at address 0x0 and allows you to restore your system absolutely identically to the point of time when you made the backup.Continue reading →

Shell programming part x+n – the somewhat bigger issues


I don’t find it sexy to write a lot about things you can look up in every book about shell scripting. Sometimes you are stuck with things you can’t look up so easy.
The following article is about a number of things, that are ideally introduced together (Note: Here I only introduce them). I will show you a way to create a UI (user interface) in plain shell script and I will package it as a library to introduce modular programming to shell scripting.Continue reading →

Installation and Basic Configuration of FreeBSD 10.1


While writing down all the other stuff, I realize, that there is one project dangling, waiting to be implemented. I am not exactly happy writing everything into a blog. I need a wiki. When writing this lines, I start from scratch. All I know is that I don’t want to run another Linux. I am so over Linux. I want a real UNIX, so I go for FreeBSD. Maybe later, I will do it again with Solaris (or OpenIndiana) – maybe I’ll make a compromise and try gentoo or sourcerer. We’ll see. For now I will struggle with FreeBSD 10.x, of which many say it is the worst version ever.Continue reading →

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….. – How to install an Oracle Database – part 4


One thing at a time. Yesterday I went through the tedious process with oracle runInstaller. Now, the stuff is installed, but we are still far from using a database. Still we only have an RDBMS on our disk. In this fourth blog-article on installing an oracle database, I will have a long hard look at a few oracle internals, which we ought to know before we go ahead.Continue reading →