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13 Incompetent Failures in the Obama Administration

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

And this is the comment I added to this article:

Come on, you (I am not eligible to vote in the U.S.) elected this gang twice!
The whole world is suffering from their failures. It’s not only the thirteen huge domestic fails.
Obama made a promise of his first election campaign true and tossed Iraq creating the vacuum in which IS could grow and handing the rest over to Iran and I think I don’t need to loose too many words about Iran only so much: It’s much worse than you think!
Obama protected his dear friend Recep Tayyip Erdogan and brought him into the position to at least try to become dictator of Turkey. We’ll see how this plays out. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood long after Mohammed Morsi had been removed from power. He screwed up the Middle East. He ruined 45 years of foreign policy and intelligence work. And hit negative record peeked last month, when he visited Saudi Arabia and the king refused to welcome Obama at the airport. Instead he sent the lowest ranking official he could find – the major of Riyadh. But finally there was a talk between the King and Obama and it couldn’t have been more chilling. The King gave up his royal reserve and to my knowledge he confronted Obama with a tirad of ugly accusations.
Future administrations will have a lot work to repair all the damage Obama has caused. Some of the damage will last for decades!
The two candidates running for office this fall better hurry and publicly announce that they will not feel tied by statements Obama made, to at least make the remaining few months of POTUS-Obama less damaging.

Another crash happened while handling crash!

google-earth is around since 2001. This should give reason to believe that the software is solid and robust. Well, I installed the current release on my Mageia 5 Linux and works only sporadically. Most times  when I start the application it instantly terminates leaving the following message on shell:

Another crash happened while handling crash!


 Addresses, Pointers, Structures, Type-casts
  Part 1

My son is studying some energy stuff and the students get a lot of knowledge base with some emphasis of their professors. Among others they also have lessons in computer science. Starting with his second term I am wondering, how a professor can teach them object-oriented programming in C++ without his students having understood the concept of addresses and pointers in C? With this article I am trying to fill the gap.Continue reading →