Testing the limits

Henry Kissinger once said that foreign policy is about interests, but this is only valid in times of relative peace. In the middle east we are now seeing two forces testing whether the threat by the established powers, Israel and the U.S. is real. Russia is trying to play the puppet master, while Turkey and Iran are trying to regain long gone greatness. But at least Israel is patiently pointing to red lines and it seems as if Israel’s patience is running out. Continue reading →

It’s not a bug, it’s a defect, stupid!

Looking into contemporary definitions of a software defect you can find a load of nonsensical definitions. At least in my opinion they are. Here is my definition: »A software defect is the Absence of a required function, the incomplete implementation of a required function, the erroneous implementation thereof or the unwanted presence of a function/behavior.« Continue reading →

Was ist Hetze/Hate Speech, Fake News…..etc?

Ach ja, “transphob” hat die Gudste vergessen.
Es hat mich dann doch mal interessiert: Was ist eigentlich die juristisch korrekte definition von “Hate Speech” hier in D-Land? Das führt freilich schnell vom Hölzchen auf’s Stöckchen und genau da liegt das Problem. Die Definition ist unscharf und schon dieser einzelne Punkt stellt nach meiner Ansicht bereits einen wesentlichen Verstoß gegen das Grundrecht auf freie Meinungsäußerung dar.
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Finger Exercise 1
  getting an Oracle 12 c up and running

I finally got a new computer and its main purpose is to work of the rust that covers my joints and install an oracle database. Of course this is not exactly complicated, when you just click a few buttons. I’ve seen colleagues developing their software for the demo-database that can be installed on mouse-click when running the oracle installer, but this is not what I’ll be doing here. I’ll rather go into some details of database installation and configuration mostly skipped by software developers.Continue reading →

Finger Exercise 2
  getting an Oracle 12 c up and running

In the previous article we only made the first tiny steps and possibly to your disappointment, we are still not installing the database. We rather continue preparing the operating system and there are quite a few things to do. Not just that we need prepare for darker nights but we need to prepare our system for everyday operation. Install software, configure the operating system….. etcContinue reading →