Süddeutsche Zeitung – notoriously infamous?

 Sh’vat 21st, 5775

For another article, I find it necessary to bring a few things together, as far as Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is concerned. For decades the SZ was well known for being liberal left wing. The newspaper still profits from this reputation. Many people in Germany read SZ as their only source for news. Still SZ is advertising with the “outstanding quality” of its journalism.Continue reading →

No mercy with the weak – Buried alive

Sh’vat 2nd, 5775

A few days ago I had my first day with a meal on wheels company. We deliver the meals to elderly people since many of them are handicapped or dement or so. So they geht the meals from a canteen kitchen and I am one of the drivers who deliver the meals.

Sometimes I am having trouble to enter the apartments. It stinks that I need three tries to get in without vomiting.

But the worst is not that it’s hard to bear the odor – the worst is, that most of these old people live in apartments in 2nd, 3rd ….. or 6th floor, cannot walk and hence are unable to leave their apartment. Once they reached this state, they are trapped in their apartments until they die.

Nazis, Socialism and Islam – the tree major anti-semitic streams in Europe

Tevet 20, 5775

Der Ehrbare Antisemitismus


Unfortunately the electronic version at http://www.zeit.de/1969/30/der-ehrbare-antisemitismus is full of typos. Maybe Die Zeit doesn’t like this article any more, but here is a better one: http://www.comlink.de/cl-hh/m.blumentritt/agr248.htm

When the article was published, I was three years old.

I grew up in a good neighbourhood. Many neighbours tought us [the children] that after all, Hitler wasn’t so bad, so did my father and most of them were members of the trade union and regularly gave their vote to the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands).

It didn’t take me long to learn, that I was in love with the Torah, but it took me decades to finally say this one sentence:

At the bottom line, the National Socialists were Socialists, too!

Gimmy a little time, I will revisit this text.