Obsessed like ardent Nazis
  Cynical like Goebbels

In the meantime, European Western outlets are producing their headlines as if they were bureaucratically synchronized. When terrorists deliberately massacre Jews, kill mothers or stab elderly people, Western media and politicians don’t hesitate to a) emphasize Israel’s indirect responsibility for Arab Terrorism b) warn Israel of implementing harsh consequences.

They just open a drawer labeled “goody two shoes anti-zionism“. They cultivated a behavioral pattern, which they deem to be

political correct (always take side with the “victim”)

And they need a different victim! Anyone but the Jews.
To them, it’s very clear who the victim is: The terrorists!

Westerners believe, that these murderers are acting out of despair and they are blanking the history of the conflict, they only focus on the current situation. They willingly accept the Arab narrative and consequently blame the Jews. This matches their perception of Jews. But how come that Europeans in particular believe this – want to believe this. Wouldn’t they have reason enough to look twice? I mean after what they’ve done between 1933 and 1945, they should have more than enough reason to look ten times and deeply dig into history.

Back in the 1940s, Germans knew that Jews were deported.
They knew that Jews were brought to concentration camps and by the end everybody knew that the concentration camps were notorious for brutality and inhumane conditions.
They clearly recognized when their Jewish neighbors went missing and some of them even were responsible by turning their neighbors in.
They recognized the open, systematic and brutal discrimination of Jews.
boykott_gesternGraphic - Holocaust of Nazis marching Jews

The persecution of Jews happened in public at broad daylight!
Any further hint needed?

German children learned at school and in the media to hate Jews (like the Arabs learn it today).

And just after the war was over, suddenly nobody knew anything. They pretended they were stunned by the facts – facts they actually knew very well!

The facts were so brutal and dismaying that nobody could speak out.
The surviving victims were muted.
They were deeply traumatized.

And the perpetrators?
Who could stand up and say, »I murdered and raped women and children, and bought a nice house from the stolen dental gold.«?

Who could tell their children, »Look, this is former Jewish property. The wider family was murdered by our fathers and grandfathers.« ??
The children would have asked in return: »So I am the descendant of a beast?«

Who could tell their children: »We actually could figure out, that the Jews were going to be mass-murdered.«


To be able to look into the mirror again, the generation of perpetrators needed to invent a myth that made them look good.

Short after the war most Europeans claimed:

  • They knew/sensed plain nothing.
    Even though they saw the Jews being deported.
  • They actually were opposed to the Nazis.
    Even though they chanted on the streets and betrayed the Jews and extradited them to the Nazis – let the Germans do the dirty work and the Germans willingly did.

And then, as it was clear – then, as it was public knowledge – they kept silent in the face of the many “Arianized” former Jewish houses, which now were German property.

They had no bad conscience claiming, that Germany already had paid enough to compensate the Jews and that the Jews were greedily exploiting what happened to them during the Nazi rule.

This bitter truth laid the foundation to the current generation’s socialization.

I grew up in Germany and I know this society inside out. It’s a media-brain-wash, that resultéd in a clear picture, when the words “Israel” or “Jew” appear in the news and it’s this:

Europeans are conditioned like Pavlovs dog.
Images like this appear in the minds of many Europeans when they hear the key words. Europeans are conditioned like Pavlovs dog.
Image source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4175778,00.html

The image created by the media is crystal clear and in parts it’s our own fault that it has come so far:

  • The Holocaust is the very reason for the establishment of the State of Israel
    Of course, this is plain wrong, since Zionism got started with the Damascus Affair and since the creation of a “National home for the Jewish people” was announced in 1917 as a result of WWI and the victorious allies having recognized the brutal Arab persecution of Jews in the Middle East. And of course nobody mentions the establishment of 21 Islamic/Arab countries in that course
  • The Palestine refugees are Israel’s responsibility.
    Which of course they aren’t, since Israel didn’t cause them to leave. It was their own civil war and their own war, which Jews didn’t start, that caused them to leave the territory to wait outside until the state of Israel was annihilated – which never happened. Compared to the numbers, who left voluntarily, only few were expelled by force. It is only too understandable, that Israel didn’t want to take them back after all that happened and after the war was over. Would you want a violent and potentially dangerous neighbor moving back into your house?
  • Israel is aggressive
    No word about the fact, that Israel didn’t start the fire – Israel just won wars others caused.
  • And then there are the typical libels about Jews which weren’t spread by the media, but by our parents and grandparents, and they weren’t sufficiently fought, neither by the media nor at school. Hence today’s average Germans know only too good, that Jews control the governments and the media and the banks and that they cause wars for mean motives such as power and money and that Jewish lobby manipulates everything. And of course Jews are incredibly rich – no word about incredibly rich Germans, French, British, Dutch, Austrians…… some of whom yielded their fantastic wealth from enforced labor during the Nazi-era. Before the war, they were rich and after the war, they were even richer. The Quandts for instance had even privately owned concentration camps to manufacture i.e. batteries for the German U-Boot production etc. Their AFA-factories had a monthly “fluctuation” of some 80 personnel, which means that some 80 died every month from lead poisoning and the SS had to re-staff the factory with new slaves.

    She happily smiles - Eight children killed - so many? Great! What a brute?!
    An arte-documentary on just one case of many.
    Click on the image to see the video

And now this: Three days ago, on June 8th, two terrorists in cold blood enter a restaurant in Tel Aviv. They order a meal, eat and suddenly they jump up and spray the restaurant with their automatic weapons. They murder deliberately and indiscriminately.


The Western media and politicians are quick to

a) mention Israel’s shared responsibility for that act of terror
b) fear that Israel’s “hard-line right-wing government” would over-react
c) warn Israel’s government not to escalate

How goofy is that?

Who escalated?
I mean, wasn’t it Arab terrorists again, who murdered artless people?


  • European “diplomats” will continue helping Arabs to establish illegal constructions in the Area B and C and blame Israel when she demolishes these illegal buildings.
  • Europe will continue to fund Fatah’s and PLO’s and Hamas’ incitement against Jews in their media and schools.

Whenever you try pin down westerners, they become slick as a fish.
They will not enter into a profound discussion.
They will not accept historic facts.
They will not hesitate to call you a racist for defending Israel.

They will only repeat the same libels and narratives trusting the fact that a lie gains substance when it’s only repeated a thousand times.
The European narrative is built on a lie. They (particularly the Germans) drivel about a commemorative culture, build memorials and hold speeches, but they do nothing to recover the truth and to make it known. They prefer to knit and help knitting a different narrative.