Obama just killed the Oslo Accords

The Oslo II Accords have been signed in Taba in 1995, The Clinton administration has been pushing hard to get these accords finally signed. But, why “accords” and not a treaty? Did the accords ever really become effective?

The stateless Arabs – so called Palestinians – are politically under aged. They do not have the legal capacity to sign treaties. By the way the PLO was and is a terror organization and this didn’t change only because the Oslo accords defined they weren’t any more. Short after the signing of the accords PLO and Fatah made it all too clear that they are the worst of the worst.

So in order to give a treaty that is doomed to fail, because one partner is not only minor but also savage, violent, heavily criminal it takes a custodian to step in to insure that this minor (PLO/Fatah) would finally keep their part of the treaty. So it hasn’t become a real treaty, because international law doesn’t know conservatorship the role of the U.S. as a legal custodian (witness) in a way is a pretty artificial construction.

So we’ve seen, that these legally incapable entities (PLO/Fatah) didn’t live up to the definition made in the accords that they weren’t terror organizations. We’ve seen the opposite with hundreds of deaths and many more injured and mutilated victims in the state of Israel, while the intl. community, mainly Arab countries, lead by Qatar, the European Union and the USA became donors who financially sponsored this terribly terror organizations with billions of US$ and Euros. They sponsored incitement and the children of these stateless Arabs being educated towards haters and finally terrorists whose only meaning of life was to kill Jews and possible become a martyr to escape their deplorable living conditions, which haven’t changed, while their leaders became unbelievably rich.

While nothing changed for the common people.

The common people remained in their pits unless they decided to follow the incitement of their leaders and perpetrate a terror attack against Jews. Then they get paid. And they get paid a multitude of what an ordinary worker can earn. They get paid more than the average Israeli income and in particular European countries and the U.S. pay this. Their political leaders like Barack Hussein Obama, Angela Merkel. Francois Hollande or David Cameron of course know/knew it, but they were satisfied when PA no longer directly transferred the salaries to the terrorists respectively their “bereaved” relatives, but now the money, hundreds of millions of US$, are first transferred to PLO and then from there the payments are made. This satisfied the Europeans and they now pretended again to not know anything.

So the situation has gone for a while and now the party who was supposed to act as a legal custodian to keep the accords alive betrayed the accords and every aspect of these texts that were meant to be legally binding.

What now?

We should see the positive aspect of it!

Major European players have voted for the recent UNSC resolution, making clear that they absolutely don’t care about the Oslo Accords and now the U.S. also made it clear that the papers were null and void.

Thank you Hussein Obama for making it so clear.

Israel should move forward and annex Area B and C and unilaterally but conditionally accept an Arab state in Area A and also create a corridor to Jordan, so that these people can move freely from and to Jordan.

The conditions?

Well, Israel should demand that not a single poop is fired from Area A into Israel and if the Arabs violate this condition they will be encounter total war and they will loos the last square inch of that territory.

This is what the corridor is good for, because the people living there need it to flee to Jordan!.